The One Where Andrea Pretends to Anchor Fox Business

Andrea pretends to anchor a Fox Business segment.

Six weeks in, and I’m anchoring Fox Business. Not really. I did, however, get a tour of the Fox News office thanks to one of our mentors at the internship. While I was there, I had one of my roommates snap a picture of me “anchoring.”

Being the journalism nerd that I am, I was stoked to walk through a big-time newsroom – one with security, cubicles, TV screens, a tape library, and a studio overlooking the Capitol. I also saw Fox panelist Charles Krauthammer on my way in. Don’t worry, I refrained from pointing and yelling, “I’ve seen you on TV!”

It was especially exciting to be at Fox because I hope to someday work for a cable news network or online newspaper. In my quest to get to that position, I’ve been talking to journalists in the area about their background and how they got their jobs. So far, here’s what I’m noticing:

  1. Most, if not all, the journalists I’ve talked to went to big name universities – Columbia, Northwester, Georgetown, etc. Although this doesn’t surprise me, it is slightly unnerving/discouraging/terrifying next to my University of New Mexico diploma.
  2. A degree in economics, history, international relations or political science would be helpful and might be crucial unless one is talented beyond belief or happens to be Walter Cronkite’s grandson (who incidentally doesn’t have a degree in journalism making my argument invalid, but you get the point).
  3. Persistence is key. Apparently nagging while working every ounce of charm in one’s bones can result in a job with Time Magazine. This is my silver lining. I’m quite good at nagging. I just need to work on not feeling guilty while doing it.
  4. Techies for the win! Another bright side. While I may not have an expensive university behind me, I do have social media, blogging, FTP, etc. on my side. Thank you MuggleNet and TwilightSource!
In other news, this weekend I’ll finally get to cross New York City off my list! I haven’t wanted to visit a place more than NYC, so here’s hoping it lives up to expectations.

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