It’s Not Goodbye, D.C. It’s See You Soon.

Three months ago, I stood in shock as Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor drove past me and into the Supreme Court parking lot. On my walk home from the office for the last time, the grandeur of the Supreme Court building brought me to tears. I just can’t bring myself to say goodbye to this place. It’s been more than a dream come true.

Six months ago, reporting form Washington, D.C. wasn’t on my radar. The idea seemed so far-fetched that I only saw it as a slight possibility late in my career if I managed to make something out of myself elsewhere. I can now say that at 21 years old and just out of college, I was credentialed at the Capitol and reported on hearings and news conferences about the economy, immigration and gay marriage that made national news.

I interviewed dozens of members of Congress after President Obama’s jobs speech in September 2011. I sat a couple seats down from House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer at their respective briefings. I chased down several senators and representatives for a quote after being unable to book formal interviews. If I make nothing of myself as a journalist, I can at least forever remember the three months I spent covering the Hill.

But beyond the great experience I gained professionally, I had the honor of living and working with two of the best women I know. My roommates and I spent our days together for almost four months. We lived together, worked together and toured the city together. Despite the fact that we are all going to different parts of the country now, we will forever share those wonderful memories.

I have no complaints. I’m incredibly lucky.

I’ll be back, D.C. Until then, I’ll take comfort in episodes of The West Wing.


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