Online Piracy Bills Send Internet Atwitter

UPDATE: And so, two days later, SOPA and PIPA are postponed until further notice.

A few months ago, SOPA was the Spanish word for soup and PIPA the name of Kate Middleton’s sister. Cue Jan. 18. 2012: Wikipedia – the popular online encyclopedia – goes dark for 24 hours in opposition to proposed legislation targeting online piracy. WordPress and Google show solidarity by “censoring” their home pages, while posts about the legislation dominate on Twitter and Facebook. SOPA and PIPA gain knew meanings. Continue reading


House Takes On Online Piracy

By Andrea Salazar

Silicon Valley tech giants butted heads with Congress Wednesday as the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on a bill designed to curb online copyright infringement.

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) would give the government tools to protect the works of American authors, artists and filmmakers from so called “rogue” websites that steal intellectual property. Under SOPA, the federal government would be able to seek injunction against foreign websites that use pirated or counterfeit products from the U.S.

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